One Thing You Must Never Do After Physical Therapy Treatment

If you’re like many athletically inclined young people, after an injury you’re champing at the bit to get back to your favorite activity. You do your course of physical therapy faithfully, confident that you’ll be all set once it’s over.That’s the worst mistake you can make.

One thing you must never do after physical therapy is to return immediately to the activity that got you injured in the first place. You have to keep in mind that physical therapy is




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intended to restore normal function, and if you’re accustomed to challenging yourself physically and stretching your limits, then after your course of therapy, you will not have recovered the level of fitness you were at before. While it’s very tempting to test yourself against your peak of ability, it’s very dangerous to do so right after physical therapy treatment. Even after you are released, your body is still in the healing process, and it is extremely vulnerable to re-injury.

Now some of you may say that “I received sports specific rehab and I should be good to go after my treatmnet by my PT ” . Well this is true but make sure to talk to your therapist about the level of activity you would like to return to. If your PT is on the money he would have made sure to design a program to get you back to your sport and make you better at it as well.

Physical therapy in general gets a bad rap from some physicians and other healthcare providers. Even the general public thinks that physical therapy is about getting a massage. But there is so much more than that.

The worst thing you can do to the parts of your body you’re trying to heal is subject them to the same stresses that injured them in the first place. There is also the risk of falling back into bad habits. Suppose that something you did wrong caused your injury. You wouldn’t want to keep doing it that way!

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The best thing you can do is start back at the beginning and relearn your skills as if from scratch. It won’t take nearly as long, of course, but by working back up from the basics, you can check your habits, make sure that you practice good form and safe habits, and help restore your physical strength and the ability to do the things you like to do. So when you’re out of therapy, just keep in mind that the clean bill of health you receive isn’t carte blanche to return to whatever activities you were carrying out before. It is simply the first step on a road to recovery, and you want to continue with the respect and caution that your body deserves.


Take good care of it, give it time to heal, and you’ll be back in no time or less, but if you rush it you’ll be back in the doctor’s office even faster than that, and the second time around, your prospects for recovery won’t be as good.

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