Redcord is for anyone who wants to strengthen and restore their body, regardless of age and condition. It’s a revolutionary treatment and training system exclusively available at Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Over twenty years of research and clinical applications have culminated in the development of this comprehensive suspension exercise system proven to facilitate rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance.

Redcord breaks out of the long tradition of training routines which rely on intensity of effort and resistance circuits. It’s based on a strategy of precisely controlling movements and inducing high levels of neuromuscular stimulation to target specific areas of the body. The result is an extremely safe, high-impact regimen that yields fast results. Joseph Simon, the owner of Manhattan Physical Therapy in New York City, had this to say:

“After seeing the same treatment methods, Redcord is the most amazing, revolutionary change to the world of physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and fitness I’ve seen in the 12+ years I’ve been practicing physical therapy.”

Introducing... Redcord!

Both Fitness and Sports Performance Training with Redcord are fast and easy because it makes the most efficient use of the effort you put in. Its groundbreaking suspension system seamlessly amplifies the impact of each movement you make while relieving harmful tension to achieve optimal results.


Since Redcord is designed to target specific areas of the body, it can easily adjust to any strength level. This makes it highly effective for all levels of conditioning yet gentle enough to execute intricate therapies. It is the perfect solution for preventing injuries associated with training and for working out with an injury.

During Rehabilitation Treatments, Redcord methodically works with your body to restore pain-free

New innovative treatment method...

movement patterns, not against it by reteaching normal coordination to your neuromuscular pathways. This approach has been extremely effective. In fact, a breakthrough therapy using Redcord called Neurac has been developed to treat musculoskeletal disorders.

Redcord can help you to achieve your goal, whether it’s reducing pain, restoring motion, getting in shape or conditioning for a sport. It’s been promoted by accomplished doctors, olympic champions, patients, and even those who wished to supplement their daily fitness routines.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Joseph Simon, please call Manhattan Physical Therapy at 800-754-0488 or email


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